Furniture Designed with the Beach in Mind

A business created by an Outer Banks Homeowner who set out to design a deck chair that would fold up and down and withstand challenging coastal environments. Seven years ago we bought a home on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks. One of the first things we noticed was that our outdoor furniture was constantly in need of replacement. It seemed like no furniture was built tough enough to withstand the ocean front environment.

We started searching for materials that would stand up to the tough Outer Banks costal seasons. Through extensive research and exhaustive trial and error, we concluded that Premium HDPE Lumber was the best material for the job. Comfort was the first thing we wanted to incorporate in our chair. We literally sat in hundreds of chairs. Numerous seat designs and countless back angles later, we found what we believe is the ultimate comfort level. It is also quite easy to get back out of our chair compared to others on the market. You do not feel like you are sitting in a hole, or that you have to struggle to get out.

At that point, we were extremely pleased with our project. There was only one thing we could think of that would make our chair even better; what if it would fold up!? After multiple attempts including eighteen different prototypes, that included multiple pivot point combinations, we added a new spin to the traditional “deck chair”. We were able to create a chair that both folds up and down. Folding up for faster storm preparation or easy storage; and folding down to withstand high winds and keep cushions in place and dry.

We had originally set out to design a chair that required little to no maintenance and would withstand the costal environment primarily for our own use at our vacation home in the Outer Banks. Over the next year several guests and neighbors inquired about our chairs and asked where they could buy them. After seeing the number of people who were interested in our chairs, the lightbulb went off. We then decided to produce and market these chairs so all beach lovers can enjoy the benefits of a BeachWorthy Chair.